Church Council

Salam Arabic Lutheran Church Council serves as the board of directors for the church. Its members are determined through an annual vote by the congregation. They meet together at least twice a year to discuss pressing issues facing the church as well as focus on internal congregational development for healthy, vital congregational ministry.

The Church Council with its day-to-day responsibilities is a vital aspect of how we strive to do God’s work in the world with thoughtfulness, integrity, respect and partnerships that share a common vision. The 2016 Church Council was voted by the congregation on September 27, 2015 and includes the following;

President: Lamya Baloss
Vice President: Samer Rahoumi
Secretary: Aseel Freis
Treasurer: Dina Wong

Members at Large:
Shatha Yamoor
Basem El-Yateem
Lama Dumar
Ramy Bishara
Wafa Ghnaim